If you are purchasing from outside the UK please do ask a member of the team about our warranty buy out scheme. This will allow you total peace of mind. Want to know more? Please email sales@originalproducts.co.uk

All sales are final. We do not offer any form of sale or return contract.

Faulty Goods can be returned within 12 months of the date of retail sale to the end consumer for repair or replacement. Returns will not be accepted without prior authorisation. Defective goods will be replaced with equivalent products should the original product be out of stock.

We allow a six month period for the retailer to sell the goods before the warranty period starts. For example, if the goods are ordered from Original Products / Jeray Sales on the 11th March 2020, and the product is sold to the consumer on the 1st July 2020, the warranty will expire on 30th June 2021.

All returns must be arranged through our returns system, you can access this system from My Account.

1. The RMA must be returned within 14 days from the date of issue of the RMA number, otherwise the RMA number will be void and the product will not be accepted.
2. Any shipping costs incurred in returning product to Original Products / Jeray Sales is the resellers responsibility.
3. Goods will not be accepted from the carrier unless clearly marked with a Original Products / Jeray Sales RMA number.
4. Warranty will be void unless returned in suitable packaging.
5. Failure to input the fault description will result in the request being rejected. “Faulty” will not be accepted.
6. The RMA number is only issued for the goods stated
7. Returned goods will only be credited if they cannot be repaired or replaced by a similar product.
8. All products will be inspected for shortages; these will be noted and deducted in the case of a credit.
9. All products will be inspected for damage, in the case of a credit; no credit will be given for damaged goods.
10. “No Fault Found” goods will be returned.
11. Credits on account may only be used against future orders.

The buyer is responsible for return shipping expenses under all circumstances.

Some goods are supplied with a manufacturers warranty. The reseller may need to contact the manufacturer directly with warranty claims. Original Products / Jeray Sales will use reasonable endeavours to assist the reseller with warranty claims.

Our returns form is located at this url. https://www.originalproducts.co.uk/return_request.php

Original Products / Jeray Sales Operates with its recycycling partner WeeCare Plc under Registration number